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Start-Up Salaries – Watering the Garden

October 06, 2016

When one is about to launch a new venture, someone has to take the risk and dedicate years of their life to get it going.  One important question arises when funds are being raised.  How much do we pay the CEO of a start-up or the founders?  The CEO has to pay his personal expenses and survive and the investors want as much of the seed money to be pumped into the development and marketing of your product whether physical or digital. What is the right number?  How do you find that sweet spot?  I can say from personal experience being the CEO of a start-up that I made my investors feel comfortable by taking a pay cut from what...

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Volcanoes are the Original Start-Ups

June 27, 2016

Now that we have 3 years behind us and a strong penetration into the worldwide market, I get asked a lot of questions about how we were able to get a new innovation out there with so much power.    The answer is, it took an extraordinary amount of fuel and specific kind of energy.  This reminds me of a volcano forming a new island in the ocean.  I am sure you have seen the energy, heat and power that is released in order to create that new piece of land in the cool ocean.  My team and I had to generate this same kind of energy inside of ourselves.  The heat is what melts the stone to liquid so it...

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